“Dark One” Concept

I was thinking how Korèken, Wisdom’s youngest child, could start developing his abilities. So I came up with this little scenario…

The town of Trully is having a parade and so Wisdom’s three children, along with some other clan members, would like to go see it. Wisdom and their mother stay behind to have some “alone time” so no one’s really watching the kids because – let’s face it – how much trouble can there be when it’s a parade?

While enjoying the dancing and music, Korè gets a sensation that something’s not right and goes to one of the nearby shops to find someone about to change into the “first” Dark One. Somehow, Korè knows that his purpose is to keep the dark energy from blasting a hole in the wall, so he sucks in the power himself. They go out back and when he hands over the power to the individual, it gets blasted into the trees. This, of course, is heard from the roadside, so people come to investigate.

What they see is a person who’s freshly turned with white or light blue eyes and black hair, just like Korèken. While little Korè doesn’t especially think anything’s wrong, he starts to sense their suspicions and anger. So he runs off and is found later on by his siblings, or else by his father who gets informed that something’s happened in town.




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