House Cats Find Things

This is the main reason why I like a house cat. They find things. Things that creep, crawl, and even fly. Funny how you can walk right by stuff like that and never notice until someone else is looking at it first. I’m watching her eyes the whole time to see why she’s looking at the lamp so hard. My eyes trail to the cobwebs silently wavering with dust caked over them, making them so obviously known that at first I thought she was watching that. Nope. I was a little too close for comfort when I finally realize that black protrusion sitting slightly around the shade was a hornet.

Dern.. I grab a flyswatter, hit it once. It wasn’t enough because it could still fly around the lamp. Luckily, it wasn’t aggressive, just huge!!! But it did try to make itself bigger by raising its legs and standing up every time the flyswatter came near. Impressive, but still…it had to go!

In the end, it met its match. No cat was harmed in the making.




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