New Race Concept

This is only the second time I’ve sat down to draw this particular character. This is Uriel, leader of her people known as Zan’Jurae. They are similar to the Lo-ans’rel, or Healers, I’m currently writing about at the moment. Uriel’s people can also shape-shift, but only into humans. Their original appearances are mostly animal-like.

I used to think Uriel might be a guy’s name… but I think it fits this one, who accidentally received a busty chest while sketching out the figure. So “he” became a “she”. But I think I like that better. She seems a rather strong character. Just check out that tail – long enough to strike a person off their feet!

The Zan’Jurae are fairly peaceful. Instead of using magic directly, they focus on turning it into an energy source, which then feeds into their machinery. The Art of Healing is then applied through technology. This might come in handy when magic is not enough to heal.


The picture was painted using Copics, Chromatix and Prismacolor Markers. This is the first time I’ve mixed all three brands. But I love how it came out.


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