Book VII Concepts

After the main story line for Wisdom Novels® is complete, I have one more book that I’m throwing down ideas with. What happens after the Dark Horn is defeated? Does dark magic just disappear. Mix two colors together and you get a combination of the two. So no. Dark magic doesn’t just cease to exist. More or less, it gets neutralized in the process.

One of the story’s concepts is why people start turning into what’s known as Dark Ones. I’m thinking these would be normal humans who come in contact with blips of dark power, and because they were previously affected by the Dark Horn, they change. Eyes lighten. Hair darkens. Like the power of the Horn, they can suck living energy from around them and toss it wherever.

But there has to be a catalyst to all this. I’m a firm believer in connections between books. So I’m thinking (SPOILER ALERT) that when Wisdom is “reborn” in his five-minute role as one of the Elemental Masters, he connects with Nature’s energy to fix up the land that was previously destroyed by Dark Magic. Right before Merlock dies, he stabs Wisdom with his horn. This infects him with either a toxin or dark power (will the intent to kill since his plan to take over a new body fails). When Wisdom connects with the earth, this toxin gets integrated with Nature and surges over the land. In a way, Wisdom is the catalyst to the downfall of many individuals, but doesn’t know it.

Even this isn’t so bad compared to what his brother is up to at Luxor Castle. Unbeknownst to many, Shy goes behind their backs and brings in several outsiders from the land of Astra. More specifically, from the city of Mayla, which is where Book IV No’va starts out. Mayla contained a council that felt threatened against the existence of magic, so they tried to weed it out.

The main character from this selected group is a woman named Miranda Hennens, who prefers to be recognized by her last name. She is the only daughter in a powerful family that leads the council back in Mayla. But she feels looked down upon due to being a woman. Although she is the oldest of five children, her brothers are given more power and favor in their father’s image. When she comes across Shy’s summons, she steals the letter and heads out across the sea with several others to make a name for herself.

I think Miranda is confused to what she truly wants out of this journey. To banish magic across the land and make her family proud? Or to help those she may come to befriend along the way and accept magic as it really is?

Only time will tell…


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