Writing with Others

Ever written your characters into someone else’s story, role-played your character with other online, or done a round-robin? I remember when a bunch of us got together online and just played around with our characters. It was something like five or six of us, but what came out of it was really neat. It ended up being a novel. There was no planning involved. Just write something and wait for whoever to pick it up. And yet, somehow we had a beginning, a middle and ending. I miss those days, but couldn’t do the same now due to… well… life.

There was another book written between me and one other. We did this off and on for about two years. The book was around 500 some pages and was, for the most part, pretty serious in plot. That is, until I decided to lop some heads off in one section, in which our own characters get mad at us authors because they were so engrossed in the story.

I would love to say it had an intense ending. But it never really ended. We probably would have kept writing had I not decided to strample everything with pink elephants. Pretty cheesey, but that’s where we left it.



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