Foreseer Productions

I now have a more professional looking website using WordPress where I can showcase my commissions, give rates, and display testimonials. As I get more images done for people, I’ll add those to the Showcase page.

Why Foreseer Productions?
Foreseer Productions was, at one point, the selected name I had wanted for my own publishing agent. I thought it would look better if I had a company name that represented what I was trying to publish – such as Fantasy. I also use Foreseer Productions on contracts and receipts for clients. Look more professional that way.

What is Foreseer Productions on the Website?
Foreseer Productions is a creative assistant that helps indie authors design their book covers or receive publishing guidance. It’s made out to look like a company, but it’s only really me that’s handling it. So there’s a lot of “we” when explaining things, although I do express that only “one” artist is handling the commissions.

I Need Reviews!
If I have done any type of art for you in the past, I would really appreciate some feedback. That way I can add your comments to the site, sort of like a reference to my work. The artwork will probably speak for itself on the showcase page, but reviews always look nice.

Screenshot #1 – Homepage


Screenshot #2 – Homepage


Screenshot #3 – Homepage


Screenshot #4 – One of the Showcase Images


Screenshot #5 – One of the Showcase Images



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