Book VI Concepts

I’ve been thinking ahead to see what plot might be included in book six Purification. I wrote out some of those points, but here’s what the rest might be.

  • Wisdom doesn’t yet know he’ll need all four masters to activate the portals. He notices there are animal carvings on the mirror’s wooden frame, but doesn’t realize the Masters need to be nearby in order to make it reveal anything.
  • While Wisdom is away, the Eastern Clan is attacked by Black Wings. In the chaos, his mirror is stolen and taken to the Realm of Sapphire where the Dark Horn attempts to activate it using stolen energy from each of the Masters.
  • Those same Black Wings later show up to attract the attention of the Masters. Wisdom is told to stay on Ember Isles where nothing can penetrate Blazn’s fiery force shield. But it’s just an excuse to leave Wisdom alone so someone else can speak with him in private.
  • Savannah can hear their conversation through her wind and calls off the chase. They head back to discover the truth behind Merlock’s “puppet” servant Twilight, who now hosts someone else’s soul inside his body. They learn where the mirror is being held, but do not want Wisdom to retrieve it. Since Merlock wants Wisdom as his next bodily host, they insist it’s nothing more than a trap.
  • Twilight intended to hide the mirror from his master, but Merlock plans on Wisdom’s arrival nonetheless. When the Healer is caught, his hairstyle and clothing is changed to match what the Dark Horn wants to look like in his new body. They soon realize that even with the stolen energy and the captured Land Healer that Sapphire is a wasted landscape with no connection to Nature, which is what Wisdom would need to activate the portal.
  • Merlock lets Wisdom “escape” on purpose and heads back to Ember Isles with the mirror. Together again with the Masters, they are shown where to find the next mirror in Unicorn Glades.

Sounds like some major action’s going to happen, huh?  Of course, this is just an idea at the moment since I’m still two books away from finishing the series.

Purification is the final chapter to the Wisdom Novels® main story. However, I still plan a seventh book that will introduce the aftermath of the unicorn’s defeat within the next general of Healers.


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