Finally Complete

Chapter 6 is FINALLY complete!!

It takes so long for me to write up a chapter, and it’s only because I do it on certain days when no one’s around to bother me. I need moments like that to think and process how the story will mold the characters. The conversations need to feel believable. Plus, the last time I attempted to “write a chapter per week” it felt rushed and clunky.

Now, I understand this is only a “rough” draft. It’s not going to be perfect first time around, but I’d like enough of the kinks worked out so there’s not many rewrites… like my first novel. But that was my first, which was re-written about eight or nine times because the characters and parts of the plot needed tweaking.

I think most of the plot is worked out. I have a whole story timeline written with the characters and their partners, children, when and why things happen to them and how it’s resolved. I know everything that SHOULD happen leading all the way up to the ending. The hard part is writing all the chronological story plots in an entertaining way that offers both action, adventure, and emotion.

That being said… I’ve been doing fairly well keeping a consistent blog schedule with writing and art updates on Tuesdays and Saturdays. So stay tuned! More chapters will be posted. It just might take a while to finish the next one…


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