Book VI – Concept

There’s a lot to tie up in the last book, and I’ve barely gotten through the fourth in the series. But let’s just see what I can come up with.

Plot Points
In Book V Chosen, Wisdom is tasked with finding all the Elemental Masters and bringing them together. In the final book Purification, they must unit two portals to reveal the final location needed to purify the land.

  • Currently, Wisdom has one of those portals disguised as a mirror. Once he retrieves the masters, it will tell him where to find the second portal. He will then be required to take the mirror and connect it. The combined portals are called Two Spheres. It is a powerful tool that will take them to the purification grounds, but can only be activated when all four elements are together. This is why it is imperative that the three masters work with Wisdom, because he makes the fourth element and cannot open it alone.
  • There is also another interested in Two SpheresMerlock, the dark spawn unicorn, seeks the device so that he can purify the land himself. The functions of Nature run on a delicate balance, and if Dark magic corrupts the land then all may cease to exist.
  • Two Spheres is a new creation by Nature. To limit corruption, the portals were separated and disguised as mirrors.

More ideas soon!


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