Inspired by Dragonlance

My first fantasy novel was The Western Wizard, which I picked up at a local library. I remember looking at the illustration of the cover and taking a mental note of a floating ghostly head over a leaping wolf. The head, as I read into the story, was a deceased character. But that’s what pulled me in.

I later started the Dragonlance series, and completely fell in love with Raistlin. There were many covers that featured him. Of course, who doesn’t completely love a sharp-tongued, back-stabbing, anti-hero?

Inspired by Dragonlance


When I started writing my first novel, I based the layout from that particular series. I didn’t know of any other books at the time to compare to other than Tailchaser’s Song, which sectioned their writing in parts while the series sectioned in books. I also didn’t know what I was getting into when I attempted my own storytelling.

Did I plan a series?

Not at all! I thought I was just writing one book. That one turned into six! Again, Dragonlance may have had some influence. They, too, had six books that told their main story, although I plan a seventh to continue the next generation.




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