The Carving & Story Updates!


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On other news, Chapter 6 should be drawing to a close, thus completing the first part in the fourth book No’va.

Here’s where it left off…


“He is the one.” The thought from one to another was like a whisper on the wind. Yet Osha understood. A unicorn always did.

She stood as still as scattered stones beneath clear waters, the very same that trickled along to the location where her sister gracefully stepped. Though covered in baby fuzz flyaways and a tiny, twisted horn that perched upon their foreheads, the wisdom of unicorns past flowed through their veins.

Nostrils flared to take in the scent of humans recently gone. She had seen the entire thing, but could prevent nothing. Merla’s fate relied on visions while Osha had her own. Now, she turned her attention toward the leader of the group. The path was set. She had only to counter the coming events.


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