Printer or Publisher?

There comes a time in the career of writing where you have the books ready to be published, or previously published, and you want to check into another company. So what do you do? Do you submit to a printer? Or a publisher?

To print or publish? That is the question…

In the beginning, there was a book. So I worked for six years and on the 7th I submitted a proposal for publication. And everything I wrote and rewrote and edited and then some…was good. Until that day I started getting rejection letters. 

Now, I would love to manipulate the heavens to get that glowing acceptance letter, but it is very difficult with the competitive market of today. I was fortunate at the time to know someone in the small press business. That, however, changed when a return policy was canceled – no more book signings with name-brand companies. If a bookstore cannot return your book, they won’t take that chance to buy it for their shelves.

It’s back to the drawing board, but now I have options. Why wait on a publisher when I can just find a printer? The print-on-demand industry is growing daily. Many writers are becoming authors overnight, but it does take some research.

For myself, I’m ready to move on. I’m looking into Amazon. I’ll treat them as a printer. But Amazon doesn’t do book returns – It’s okay. Book signings don’t always need to be at Barnes & Nobles or Books-a-million. Find other locations… say an antique store. That may sound weird, but if both the store and you get business – why not?

So we go back to the question of a printer or publisher? Both have pros and cons. I’d recommend the WRITER’S MARKET if you’re looking for a traditional publisher. Try to get the latest year possible. Companies come and go, so the most recent one is helpful!

Currently, I’m in the process of reformatting the layout of my first two books. Amazon already has my third. Perhaps I’ll revamp the first cover art as well. Retire the old art. Start fresh.


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