Desert Horse

While on vacation, I finished up this piece. It may or may not be a creature of the series, but I never know where the characters might end up.

If No’va had a desert, it would be located on the other side of the Northern Mountains. That would mean the characters would need to trudge through freezing temperatures to get to the deserted wastelands.

I could see it happening perhaps in a side story depicting the lives of the great Masters before they became famous with their elements. But I won’t do that until I at least get to book 5 when the Elemental Masters are introduced.

In Book 3 Healer, we get a glimpse of Yuri, Master of Water. When the ship Wisdom’s on is attacked by the giant King Red Shell, he doesn’t realize he’s summoning help from the great Master himself unless we read about him in book 5.

I think the creature below has something to do with Savannah’s brother. Savannah is Master of Wind. When her brother decides to become a Category, which is relinquishing his main element of Air to be a lesser mineral caster, then this might come into play. I think the lonely desert is where he retreats to in the end.



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