I may have written about this type of character scenario before, but I’m revisiting the plot points and possible love interest. Not that I’d write it anytime soon, but just to get it out there. 

The story involves a girl named Christauni, who leaves her family to become a Shade. In this world, Shades are beings of the night. They can move between walls, and even between worlds, but can never tough or physically influence. Her goal is to find the last remaining Light and protect it against the forces of Darkness spreading across the land.

Legends claim that a great Light once reigned over the land, spreading joy and beauty. But those of the shadow world lusted after its power. They wanted what they couldn’t have. And so they went after it. Most likely, these were either men or creatures within the Light’s world that just wanted more power. In the end, the light separated into four pieces and scattered to the four corners of the land to better protect its people and keep the Darkness at bay. Each piece of Light went to a different person. And yet at every turn, these people were in danger… and soon began disappearing or were found dead. Their trinkets or baubles that contained the Light were either broken or missing.

All but one…

Christauni swore she would find the final Light and help protect it. She thought by becoming a Shade that this would help. But nothing is straight forward as soon she walks into the Realm of Eternal Night. Out of her innocence, she finds herself bound in the control of Darkness, which merely uses her as a tool to seek out the final Light.

But light is not where she thinks it is. Most times, it’s in an object. What she finds instead, is an actual person with the light inside of him, who wields a crimson staff that comes to his calling as though the Light were within that instead. But it’s a ruse. Anyone can take the staff, but they can’t take the Light from a person.

Azryael is this person. Born as a cripple, his family abandoned him as a child due to his illness and unlikely recovery. In the forest, the Light found him, healed him, and has been with him into his adult years. He seeks and destroys Shades and other shadows of Night. The power he has comes directly from the Grand Light, the one that heals and has other magical properties. Although Azry can do magic, it’s all because of the Light he carries.

Christauni vows to protect him, but Azry knows that Darkness is just using her. He tells her it already knows where the final Light is because she has not left his side. And Shades that stay too long are easily tracked.

With the Light inside of him, Azry can walk between worlds, that of Light and Shadow. They need to find and release the other Lights. It’s the only way to restore peace to the land and banish the creatures of Night.



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