“Keep up!” Providence darted overhead as a dark gray and tan mocking bird. That striking blotch of white along the underside of the wings flashed with each stroke, almost mocking in itself while Jenario and companions struggled to keep pace. The several mile hike to the base of a mountain slope had been easy. Now as they climbed, gradual slant turned into an uphill trudge of gripping tree limbs and roots to help pull themselves along.

“Easy for you to say.” Shafari offered dirty looks between Thomas Gracie and Jenario. Nathan, however, seemed to enjoy the challenge.

“‘Bout time we get out of that place!” the Trapper called from way ahead. “Small chat ain’t my thing!”

“Thought you might enjoy the outing.” Thomas Gracie said.

“Be better on the hunt!”

“Well, while you’re at it, care to share some of that energy?” Jenario paused to catch his breath and received an overhead cackle from Providence.

“I promise the view is worth the effort!”

Now we’re starting to hit some of the juicy parts. After the companions get situated in Healer territory, it’s time to go exploring. At present, Providence is leader of his people and has agreed to give them a tour. Perfect! We’ll get a chance to view some of the key areas that will soon become home to humans.

Keep in mind, there are still Black Wings lurking about, Moss Dragons, and probably a whole slew of other issues that have yet to be identified. But one thing’s for certain, we’re one chapter away from Jenario receiving his first favor from the unicorn!


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