Facebook Scam

I’m just throwing this out there because I’m starting to see a lot of these. It really annoys me when I already have a friend on my buddy list and the same person tries to friend me…again.

That’s not a friend. That’s a scam. 

So not thinking, I befriended my “fake” cousin the other day. Immediately soon after I get a message from her.

SCAMMER: “Hey, I’ve been trying to reach you. I have the most amazing news to yell you.”

Okay, first off, that’s just weird. She has my number. We just saw each other at a family reunion. Plus, I knew we were already friends. Did she forget her password or something? It was the same profile picture like on her other account.

SCAMMER: “There’s this amazing government program that just started. I just received $100,000 at my doorstep. Did they come to your house yet?”

Ok, right there I knew something was up. Either that’s a bot, or some other fake person. Keep in mind they will respond to your messages just like they’re your friend. So in my defense, I simply “unfriend” her. That’s not my cousin. That’s probably somebody who, had I continued the conversation, would have said something like this:

ME: “Oh, really? Yes, how do I sign up for that?”

SCAMMER: “All you need to do is go to this so we can collect all your personal information and scam the hell out of you! Or just click on the link that I provide.”

ME: “Ok, thanks! I’ll do that because I’m not a smart person at all!”

Geez, really? It surprises me how many people fall for this stuff. And I know they do because why would people be out here doing it? All it takes is that one gullible person, mostly elderly or someone who doesn’t realize what’s going on, and they’ve got you.

Unfriend them immediately!!!!

Don’t let it sit because they’ll just collect all your information because “friends” can SEE ALL YOUR STUFF!!! It’s like handing over the house keys to a random stranger. Don’t do it.




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