Who was Shy’s Mother?

For those who have read through Blue Moon Rising Trilogy, you may be familiar with some of the family members in Wisdom’s life. But one of the things I never wrote about was the mother figure for his half-brother Shy. At the time, there was no real importance to having another parent. But now that I think about it, who would it be if I had?

For that, I believe you’d have to follow the father’s plotline. We know that Chronicles fathered both sons. After his first love left with their unborn child, he would have taken another. But I don’t believe he would have done so out of love. I think it was mainly the need to continue his bloodline. Keep in mind that this would have been during the reign of the Dark Unicorn, so with the influx of chaotic magic manipulating his thoughts, Chronicles would have then discarded the mother once the child was weened. Thus, we don’t even meet Shy until he’s at least seven.

So who is Shy’s mother, and where did she go?

The character I have in mind is Ve’laela (spelling may differ later on). I believe that when she was no longer needed, Chronicles dismissed her. I can only imagine her expression when he tells her to “give up” her son into his immediate care for training purposes. Heart-broken, Ve’laela would have then headed toward the sea. She relinquishes the Element of Earth, and takes in the Element of Water before joining those below as one of the merfolk – essentially meeting Master Yuri in the process (maybe something to explore once I dive into book five – no pun intended 😉 ).



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