Sketchbox Feb. Reveal

“Sketchbox” found at was what came to my door today. Yes! Part of my Christmas for the next two months.

This is February’s box reveal. A set of 12 Prismacolor premium colored pencils, two Sketchbox art markers, a Mono eraser that can erase ink, and a wooden pencil sharpener.

It comes with an art piece to help inspire, a sticker that says “Sketchbox” and an information card explaining why they selected the art supplies for the month. All in all, it’s pretty nice.

I tested out the markers on plain paper. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t blend well. They are double sided to get a thin or thick look. I already know how to use the colored pencil set, but it’s nice to get fresh supplies to replace the ones that are wearing out.

I would like to test out the markers a bit more. It came with a blue and a red. I’m not sure what I would use them on, but maybe a test drawing might help. If I do one, I will be sure to post it and share how it turns out.



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