Christmas Worcestershire

My supervisor is the sweetest lady in the world. She goes all out to help her customer service team, as well as others. Today, she told us the story of how she got her bottle of Worcestershire sauce on Christmas Day to make her son’s favorite treat.

Her son was traveling from out of state, and his favorite snack was Chex Mix heated in the oven with Worcestershire sauce on them. But she had run out. The only place open at that time was Walgreens. So she headed over to get a bottle.

Unfortunately, they were all out. A young man was also there looking for Brown sugar, which they were all out of as well.

She looks at the young fella, and he looks at her.

“I’ve got Worcestershire sauce,” he says.

“I’ve got Brown sugar,” she says. “How far away do you live?”

“Five minutes.”

“Me too. Want to exchange?”

So that’s what they did. She said the guy came back to the store and was standing in the parking lot waving the bottle like a winning trophy when she pulled up. They hugged and wished each other  a good Christmas and happy new year!


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