Character Doll WIP

This is Shafari in his younger years from book 4 “No’va”. Shafari ends up running the infamous slave compound known as Castle Mire in the beginning of the series. When he starts out, however, he’s a magic-user in training journeying into the unknown with three other leading companions and band of rag-tag citizens to escape the oppressing city council of Mayla.

Shafari is refereed to as the Crimson Mage. His clothing will have a hint of lavender or pink (which I’ve yet to pick out the fabric). He’ll have brown boots when they’re fully sculpted. Just need to finish up his hands and then any exposed wire will be wrapped in soft cloth. Then the clothing will go overtop.

Shafari is intended to be posable, but I’ve pretty much posed him the way he’s going to be, like he’s about to cast one of his dilapidated spells.


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