Story Concepts & Dreams

It’s hard NOT to think of new things while working on current projects, especially when dreams come rolling in every few nights… and they’re interesting enough to make into story concepts. For instance, I dreamed the other night about walking along a beach and seeing something floating in the water. I go over to the shoreline and pick up a burnt piece of wood with writing on it. The writing tells a story about a pirate lord who fought with his crew over some barrels of beer. There was a storm at sea while the fighting was going on, and lightning struck the ship. An explosion knocks the pirate overboard, and he drowns.

Crazy, huh? What’s more crazy is while I’m reading the story, my mind actually “shows” me movie-style how the scene plays out. When it’s over, it cuts back to the board that I’m holding. I guess that’s just the writer in me. I’m always thinking about something. Not that I’m interested in pirates at the moment. I do love a good ship scene, and book 3 “Healer” does a fair job of showing a sea battle over some Red Shells (melon-sized crabs – my creation of course).

Just this morning, I was thinking about how to develop an older character from a snippet I once wrote. It had nothing to do with the main storyline except it used the same characters. The main villain originally was a human alchemist. But now that I’m delving deeper into the Elements, I wanted to show those types of Healers who left Nature’s connection to become Categories. A Category is a Healer who has not claimed or either left one of the main elements. The only thing they’re able to use is minerals – stone, sand, etc. So what if instead of using a human, I use a Healer who’s been demoted to Category level, who then uses another Healer to control a certain element.

Manipulation seems to be a large part of the story, doesn’t it? It’s everywhere we look, even into our own lives. In book 4 “No’va” there will be a Category and how he goes about becoming one. The way I’ve planned the story, every aspect of it should be interesting, from the time humans enter the new world to the moment Jenario asks for his final favor.

That being said, I wonder how the next concept will develop?


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