Hello to all who have been patiently awaiting book three Healer. The time has finally come with some good news!!! Yes, it’s finally happening. After three LONG years of writing and rewriting and editing, the process is nearing completion. I still have a few more chapters to look over. I haven’t heard back from my beta readers yet, so if anyone is interested in jumping on board for a free download to give additional feedback, please reply in the comments section to let me know.

What I’m planning is a pre-release. On Saturday, November 21st, from 11:30am-2:30pm at the Buckingham Antique Mall, I will have the entire trilogy available for sale, as well as some free giveaways like I did my last book signing. My third book AND ONLY AT THIS BOOK SIGNING will have a poster hidden within its pages. Or attached. I haven’t figured which yet. So look forward to that. And even if you’re not into the books, the store itself is a treasure trove with some good stuff, so feel free to check that out as well.

For those who come to the signing, your name will be entered into the gift basket drawing. So don’t forget to do that when you come. You could possibly win the entire trilogy and not pay a dime!

Also, there is a chance to win a copy of Book One Wisdom on audio. Stephen Planalp is a fabulous actor and did a wonderful job for me. He is planning to attend the book signing all the way from Indiana. So please, if nothing else, come meet this talented young man. He truly is a character in himself!

I have also been VERY busy building models of some of the characters, some of which I plan to bring. DON’T GET SCARED NOW!!! A couple look quite realistic. Who I will bring will remain a mystery. You never know what you will find with me!

For further details on the signing, please visit my EVENT PAGE on Facebook. That way I will know how many are planning to arrive. Plus I’m sure the store owner would love to know how well this event is received for possibly future plannings. So please come and hope to see you there!

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The last one doesn’t have a head yet, BUT SOON SHE WILL!!! I’ll be working on it over the weekend.


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