Recently, Amazon sent out a newsletter detailing a new plan in place for Kindle payments. Starting in July, they want to pay authors depending on number of pages read. Now, I do have a few concerns at this. Currently, I do have a few books published on Kindle that cost a mere $2.99. That’s cheap, for 15 years worth of work just for book one “Wisdom”. I could raise it, but people aren’t buying like they did when it first came out. That’s why the need to continue writing more and new things.

Now, however, this new plan that’s coming into play apparently won’t matter. I’m not even sure how the books will be priced if all you’re going to get is a “per page turn” that people are doing. And does it matter how long a page has to be displayed in order to count? Or does the person simply need to flip through all the pages? What if they stay on the same page for weeks or even months on end? Then decide to move forward after a year or so?

I really don’t understand this process at all or how Amazon plans to track all this.

Here’s an article I found on the subject:



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