The Dream Version

I was on cruise ship that was larger than the Titanic. We’re talking the grandest of grand ballrooms, banquets, and masquerades. The bedrooms were even grander, not those tiny bunks. This here is first class!

Apparently, the dream was a mystery story in itself. People were beginning to disappear, and I was the investigator sneaking around on board trying to figure it out. The person of interest was a man, very nicely dressed, but had some type of ability to suck people up to the ceiling like a giant vacuum cleaner just turned on! In the dream, people were represented by balloons. Very weird. And those balloons were stuck to a type of ball that rolled across the ceiling behind a certain, which you never saw again.

So the man decides he’s had enough of my snooping around, so I become his next target. So the chase begins and I run through all kinds of doors until I discover a large drapery up in a windowsill. For some reason, he doesn’t check that spot, and I can hear him walking past. That’s when the dream ends.


So if I were to turn this in to a story:

People have been disappearing on a particular cruise ship called The Travelier. Detective Liz Larcen has been assigned to the case to snoop out clues regarding these strange events. When Liz first boards the grand vessel, she’s welcomed aboard by its captain and personal butler. The Travelier is famous for outsizing even Titanic, and Liz is surprised people even attempt to brave the seas on it.

Liz’s butler directs her to a ballroom-sized bedroom. Everything here is upper class. While she sets up her computer and begins mapping the ship’s layout, Liz is already building a mental list of suspects onboard. During a reception in one of the ballrooms, she notices how certain people are asked to leave the room.

They never return, and she never sees them anymore or anywhere else on the ship.

While Liz is busy snooping around, the butler approaches her with an invitation to dine with the captain the next evening. She politely refuses, which entices the well-dressed man to follow her. While Liz manages to slip away, she notices how he approaches her next evening with a different message – a personal one.

Who’s after who? a note reads.


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