Book Discrepancy

Here you are, working on your latest novel, when all of a sudden you realize it’s conflicting with a previous book. All the characters are set, the plot is moving forward. And yet there are one or two minor details that you’ve forgotten to take into account. You can’t change the previous books because they’re already sitting on bookshelves or in buyers’ hands.

So now what?

I’m sure every writer has encountered a situation involving their latest work when they realize there’s a discrepancy within the story. So how does one get around this?

Let’s take a look at mine, for example
(for those who have/are planning to read, this isn’t really a spoiler, just a minor pointer).

Valor is a character that appears later in the story with the Elite family. He’s first described as a young man with blond hair. Later, his hair color tends darken. Why? Because the stereotypical thing to do with antagonist characters is give them dark hair to point out how evil they are, even though they may not be evil at all. So how did I fix this going forward? Since I’m nearing the editing point in book three, I will probably keep the hair blond with some dark streaks through it. Who knows? He may have been standing in dim lighting when we last looked at him 😉

But there’s an even larger discrepancy that will be coming with the next book in the series.
Book IV No’va takes place prior to the creation of the Dark Unicorn. It will dwell on four humans who discover the land (and you actually meet them in the first trilogy) and the two sister unicorns. I wanted to give a reason for Jenario’s behavior. Why does he desire power so greatly? How does Lord Gracie become Grand Master and live in a floating castle? Not to mention, if humans are to be in this land less than a century, how do all those buildings get done in a wink, and castles, and everything else – when in reality it would take two to three centuries probably to build just one?

Those answers I already have.

But there’s a catch. Some of the characters we meet in the first three books, as far as age goes, are probably not going to match with the ones planned in the coming book. Why? Well, this one takes place before the birth of our main hero, Keith Larson (who later becomes Wisdom). One character, Abraham, seems to be around the same age as Keith. But as Jenario tells it, his son was interested in magic while he was developing it. So at some point, Keith needs to be born to keep this true.

So much to keep up with…


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