Two More Scenes

One would think with five hours to chill that a writer could just crack out a chapter or two within that time frame. But not this writer. I’ve run behind schedule with a particular chapter again and again. It’s not that I don’t like it, or writer’s block is preventing me from thinking. Oh no! Writer’s block is fictional character that I’ve killed over a thousand times. He doesn’t stand in my way now.

See, the thing about this book is not about throwing in hordes of details in the first draft. Those will sooner or later enter into the mix and create a rich flow of words on the page. It’s merely about getting the story down. It should be, at least. But when you’ve got one chapter dedicated to four or five different groups of people that spread from north to south, it can get a little complicated. For me, I’d rather spend time getting it down the right way instead of wasting time writing out a plan that I don’t care about. Certantly, no one likes a boring story.

The chapter starts out with Chronicles leading one group into Trully where Wisdom is preparing his people to do battle. That in itself gets tricky because I needed to switch from Chronicles’ point of view (POV) to Wisdom’s as soon as they meet. And I wanted it done without having to start a new scene or break up the chapter. So far, I think it transitions pretty well. They say don’t switch to other people’s heads in one scene, but I think as long as I’m not constantly going back and forth that it’s fine.

The next three scenes I want to end with each detecting the other before it breaks into the next character group. That way it’s foreshadowing who’s coming up next. I don’t do that in the beginning of the novel. There’s no need when the story’s being set up. But this time I feel it’s important. Since everything and everyone is related to what’s going to happen next, I felt it was appropriate.

I’m nearing the ending of Scene III. Shy has Glory, her stepmother, and Katherine tucked away in his traveling crystal. But they want him to run back to Lexington to help save remaining humans. I intend to shorten this scene up after a bit of dialogue by just having Shy start out overlooking the battle and noticing that the half-breeds have also joined the fight. When he teams up with them, he sees Chante leave the city. This then goes into the next scene where Chante is the POV.

Chante, a young White Wing and friend of Shy, has been helping Blackavar and his thieves’ guild get to safety. But when Chante catches wind of his father’s immediate death, he goes off to find him. He’s told by his dying father, when he’s actually found, to find Corrigan because the two are brothers. Now that things have been made clear at his passing, Chante realizes he needs to find Corrigan.

At this point, it can get a little tricky. I don’t want this scene so long either because I still have one more to write in order to complete the chapter. I’ll probably do a scenery skip and put him back at Shy’s battle to get help transporting him to either Sapphire or Trully. I think Shy could figure this as good timing and gets the half-breed’s leader, Windchester, who is Wisdom’s grandfather, to magically teleport him back to Trully to warn Wisdom of Chronicles’ coming.

Little do they realize that battle is already raging.

Killing several birds with one, BIG stone.

That last scene, of course, will return to the thieve’s guild. Short, but sweet. Someone else has to die. Rule of thumb, don’t build your home on sinking sand. The guild is underground. Think about it.

Dang. No wonder it takes forever to write this stuff! Too much to think about !


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