So in the last bit of Grace’s blog “Revisiting a Forgotten World”, she asked were there any older works that people had revamped or revisited over time.

I actually have two, that I can think of, where I completely rewrote (or am in the process of rewriting).

The first and foremost, and I believe everyone is familiar with this, is the Wisdom Novels project. Basically, this entire idea didn’t spawn overnight. Like Grace explained, it takes years to come up with a good storyline, concepts of races, religions, geography, and much much more! Novels take a lot of planning. Good stories need tender loving care before exposed to the cruel realities of the world that people may or may not like them. It’s like gardening a good plant. If you don’t care for it properly, it won’t look good to the public and they won’t accept it, buy it, or even download free versions.

But us writers always take our stories seriously, no matter what. My first novel was actually spawned by a series of short stories comprised into one long book. It was 300 pages of terrible writing. I went back and looked over it one day and couldn’t even get past the first three pages.

But it was from that first three pages that I came up with the concept of the stories that I’m currently working on.

Wisdom didn’t develop from a human. He developed from a cat, from things I saw on TV, and from pictures I saw in other books. To be more exact, I loved the way Urtho looked in the illustration drawn for Mercedes Lackey’s The Black Griffin. I loved Rafikki’s attitude from The Lion King. And I absolutely adored the fact that all of my favorite characters had white hair, were ancient, wise, and gave themselves selflessly to the cause of the main plot line in order save others from certain doom.

Sounds to me like they all sacrificed themselves… no spoilers there 😉

However, since I didn’t want my guy to be a hundred-years-old, wrinkly, about-to-drop-dead type dude, I just made him a young albino and that took care of that situation.

The other story idea came from my first computer.

Yes, my very first computer had those large black floppy disks. Remember those? And it came with a writing program that I decided to tinker with.

Believe it or not, my first story was not fantasy. It was mystery/horror. Now that I think more on it, Dr. Hajeline was the detective in the story. From what I can remember, it had something to do with a mad dog murder case. Probably related to Sherlock Holmes, because I was always a fan of The Hound of Baskerville.

Still am 😉

So Dr. Hajeline was my first short story “series”, and I say series because there was an actual Part Two that I left on purpose in Middle School because it was so badly written. When the next school year started, I went back to look for it.

Of course, it wasn’t there.

My next attempt was a sci-fi “novel”, or at least I tried to make it one. It had about 35 pages with chapters. But to this day I still enjoy its concept and thought process put into it. That, also, was typed up on my first computer, which I will never again see the original because it was all on those floppy disks.

However, in 2006, I decided to revisit that concept and build upon it. I searched Wiki files and estimated when the next comet would appear, how gears on a clock worked and what they were called. I wanted to construct how it would be possible to go back in time by counting the number of atoms present at a particular point in time, and using Black Holes to travel back to those periods. I came up with the best quote a Time Master could possibly say to someone who’s experiencing the Hall of No Time. I don’t remember all of it, but it ended with, “….to know you simply exist.”

(Let’s not confuse that with Dr. Who’s stuff, as I’ve never actually watched a single episode)

I’ve had dreams about characters and stories that I definitely would love to write one day. All of which I’ve started.

And now it’s just a waiting game. Which story will come next? Which one would you like to see?

Here’s a list of what I’ve started:

1) Wisdom Novels Series (Blue Moon Rising Trilogy)
a) Wisdom – published, print and kindle
b) Prince – published, print and kindle
c) Healer – 6 chapters left to write

2) Wisdom Novels Series (Red Moon Rising Trilogy 2)
a) No’va – concept stage
b) Champions
c) Merlock

3) Western Short Story Series
a) A Partner in Crime – published as kindle and audio book
b) TBA

4) Sci-Fi Stand-alone Novels
a) Time Keeper – started
b) Soul-Shifter – started

5) Children’s Picture Books
a) The Perfect Style – started
b) Chelsea and the Renegade – started

6) Story Concepts Based off Dreams
a) Maddox – mystery/horror – started short story
b) Unseen – fantasy – started (short or novel?? Unsure)
c) Level of Control – sci-fi – started short story
d) The Keeper – fantasy
e) The Lock Keeper – published, kindle short story
f) Elementals – fantasy
g) Tumblers – gaming concept RPG type world


Comments on: "Revisiting Forgotten Worlds – A Reply" (1)

  1. Thanks for sharing, and for linking back to my blog. 😉

    You know, somehow I can see Wisdom as having started out as a cat of sorts.

    I’ve gotten a lot of my ideas from dreams, too. At least the kernel of the idea – then I muse and write and muse some more to work it into a story.

    And I think I wrote at least part of a story inspired by The Hound of the Baskervilles, too. 😛 My favorite Holmes story!

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