So remember I was stuck at this one location in the chapter where I had never described before. Well, after digging around online for some images to look up, I finally found a structure that looked like it could fit.

So in the story, Glory Elite runs away from home to be with her one true love. Now, she comes from wealth. And when she leaves home, she basically leaves wealth behind.

I didn’t get carried away with too much details; just enough to capture a picture of what-could-be an awesome place to wine and dine. And I still haven’t really described the outward appearance yet.

But this is what I have….


“So word reached you before I could,” he said while trying to throw some authority in his tone. The ordeal with the harpies had left him shaken, and he gripped the reigns tighter to keep it from showing.

“More like screeches than words,” was the reply. “You’re going to need armor.” He motioned for the young man to follow him inside. “Hurry! They won’t stay on the other side for long. Just leave your horse; my men will tend to it.”

Even as he spoke, a group of solders moved from around the side of the building. The clank of their heavy armor gave a surreal feeling to the usual quiet layout of the place. As Valor dismounted, one of the men too his horse by the reigns and quickly led it elsewhere.

Probably lunch anyways to one of them! he thought bitterly. I need armor? He shivered inwardly while ascending the few steps up to he front stoop to head inside.

The Elite home was just as grand on the inside as it was on the outside. Much of the structure Roland had designed himself. It was a striking display for first-timers with its three-story white stone base set between two of the castle’s crenellated circular towers. Black marble oriel windows topped off the centrally located turret and adjoining library chamber. Even from below, one could see some of the room’s collection gathered in the windows. If anything else, the place offered a getaway from the hustle of city life, located far enough to enjoy the tranquility of surrounding countryside.

Although Valor has visited many times, nothing compared to the opening atrium when first entering. The ceiling was a mix of stained glass panels, complete with elaborate spiraling staircase leading up to the second floor’s library. Visitors were encouraged to wander, and often entertained in this area, as Valor fondly remembered. It was the perfect space, and only area used, as many of the private apartments occupying the rest of the floors were shut off to the public.

“You should have seen those things attacking the city!” Valor relived his sightings to the prince while advancing to one of the back rooms. Here, Roland had already pulled several suits of armor, which lay waiting on tables with young squires to secure them.

“Black Wings, I have seen,” Roland said grimly. “Huge monsters, but normally travel alone. These now…they’re going about it with purpose.”

“Where’s Lady Pena?” Valor questioned while allowing the squire to start strapping on pieces of amor.

“Safe. There’s a central room upstairs I built in case Black Wings ever came back.”

“But will it hold up against a mass of these things?”

Roland let out a heavy sigh. “I will be guarding the entrance to it if they do come in, and you will be with me.”

“Flattered,” Valor mumbled. His insides jerked to the tug of leather straps securing layers of metal around him, all of which baring the family crest.


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