Chapter Delay

So I came to a stopping point while working on this last scene. Valor (Glory’s sappy ex-fiance) has ridden to her father’s home in order to warn the family that the town is under attack. When he gets there, though, her father has already prepared troops to send into town and hunts down the harpies that have followed the young man. However, I’m planning to have them invade the household, which is what brought me to a halt in the first place.

I’ve never actually written about Glory’s home until now, never been inside except to see her bedroom and one of the lounges where her stepmother, Lady Pena, planned to wed the daughter off to the wealthy fish merchant.

I already have an idea what the place looks like. I winged other structures before and they turned out all right. I think since Glory came from GRAND doings, that it might be appropriate to describe some of the grandness she’s used to while going through he motions of battle.

Let’s just say there might be a lot of broken, expensive things…


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