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I’d like to thank Trish Terrell for nominating me for this month’s blog hop. She is a one-of-a-kind suspense/thriller novelist who has several series out, and I’m sure more to come. Please be sure to visit her site if you haven’t already. It’s worth the risk 😉

As for myself, I’ve been a Medevial Fantasy storyteller for a long time. I have two novels that are out, and a third in the works. The series, Wisdom Novels, will consist of six books when complete (hopefully a seventh, dealing with the next generation). You follow the footsteps of a young man as he discovers his connection to a race of long-forgotten Healers in order to unite the people of the land against a growing Darkness caused by the first Black Unicorn.

So for those interested in how all this pans out, here’s a little rundown. 

Book One “Wisdom” is an introduction to the little-known world of No’va. You watch as the main character develops from carefree, happy childhood, to a powerful adult that’s been gifted the horn of the sister unicorn in order to protect him against the coming Darkness. Along the way, you’ll meet colorful characters that help drive the plot along: Corrigan, a half-breed Black Wing struggling between his two halves, a runaway girl trying to free herself from a controlling step-mother, a Healer striving to exterminate the land of humans, an illusionist trying to obtain power, and more!

Book Two “Prince” takes the hero back into the human realms so he can start rekindling relationships between the races. There’s a slight hint of romance between him and his love-to-be, a half brother who’s uncertain of his heritage and clouded judgement from a manipulating father, and to top everything off… let’s send in the son of the antagonist to add to the mix! 

Now, Book Three “Healer” is my most recent work. I’m about nine chapters from finishing up the first trilogy in the series. Yes! This one will be the kicker, as it involves all the races in their final clash of freedom – or realization – that their greatest enemy is not each other. 

Along with writing the story, I also do my own illustrations. At the moment, I’m currently working on the character Corrigan as he hunts for fresh meat (mmmm… steak) Except he likes his still mooing… or squealing, whichever the case. Gotta’ love Cori 😉


I plan to finish off this piece with a couple of rabbits he’s chasing down in between some foilage. Haven’t gotten to the greenery yet. Loving the feathers.


For those who want a glimpse of the hero in action, here he is on the cover of “Prince” Book Two.



His half-brother, Shy, who is hopefully appearing on my third book cover. 



A lovely couple, grandfather and grandson. And when I say “lovely”, I say with sarcasm.



And a glimpse at our future Elemental Masters, who will make their appearance in Book Five “Champions”



So how does my work differ from others? I’ll let this person do the “talking” for me 😉


This Review was first posted on GoodReads, then later on Amazon by  J.L. Dobias

“There are so many things to love about this book it makes it worth the struggle. When I say struggle I don’t mean that as a bad thing. What I mean is that this is a story told in the high form of such classics as the Three Musketeers and Count of Monte Cristo. Add to that some interesting world building and it comes close to the classic nature of The Lord of the Rings.

If there is any problem with this book, it’s that there are at least three threads being told in parallel which eventually bend into each other by the force of powerful singularity which is the creative nature of the the author, Bonnie Watson.

This book demands special care and attention to details to understand how these story lines fit together. If I were to split types of readers I would call them the slow reader (me) the scanners (me some of the time) the speed reader (Not me, but I know a few). This book is suited to the speed reader. The slow reader may muddle along and take extra time or be tempted to scan and then get lost. It’s best to take the extra time and not miss any of the precious details.

As to the story of Wisdom (who starts the story as Keith Larson). The reader is introduced to Keith as a child with loving parents- that is soon a condition that will change through treachery of someone close to the family. This creates an element close to the wonderful story of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. And later when he joins a guild of thieves it becomes a mirror of Oliver Twist.

By the time Keith reaches the point of becoming a slave we would almost suspect that he’d have a thirst for revenge and be close to the Count of Monte Cristo. But the real parts that remind me of Dumas are all the bits and pieces in the building of the tale that speak of treachery and intrigue and the length it takes to build to the connection to all of these.

This is really another story of a youth who’s life has been a fiction until they are thrust into reality and forced to discover what they truly are. And that perhaps explains why even as a child Keith possesses a certain quality that sets him apart from normal.

Usually I can finish these off in one or two days but this one took me three. It was well worth the time. Scanning through this book would leave me mostly wondering a variety of thing about what was going on. Going through it carefully was like savoring the flavor of a well prepared feast.”

J.L. Dobias‘s Rating 

Recommended for: any lover of fiction and reading
Read from March 25 to 27, 2013

This is what I love about writing! When you start getting reviews like this, you know you’ve done something right. And really, writing for me is also a “stress-reliever”. Artwork can do the same as well. Maybe that’s why I’m always happy in my day job 😉

Several poeople have asked,”Well, how to do you do it? How do you come up with this stuff and get it all out?”

Well, first I get an outline down. And it doesn’t have to be all fleshed out yet. Just getting the main pointers down really helps. Once that’s done and I’m ready to roll, then I start working in the details. I like Agile Writer’s method of of outlining in Scenes. Why scenes? Well, each section in a chapter has several scenes. You know you’re writing a scene when it’s one person’s point of view (or POV). When you switch to another set of characters in a different location, that’s your next Scene. So, knowing how to plot Scenes helps figure what’s going to happen in each chapter. It can also determine how long your chapter is going to be. Hence, how long your entire novel will be in the end once you have everything outlined.

I also use Parts to divide the novel into “themes”. Each book is divided into three parts. Let’s look at Book One “Wisdom” as an example.

Part One takes our hero as a youth and thrusts him somewhere else from home. He knows he’s suspposed to find something, but he doesn’t know where to look. By the time part two comes along, it delves into the discovery about himself and what he can do as a magic-user. And part three is finding his connection with his true family, but also realizing that it’s not where he wants to be.

If anything, writing just takes some time and patience, especially for novels. 


Current Chapter Snippet – From Book Three “Healer” 

A coin hit the ground in a series of sharp pings over cobblestone road, tuning the harpies’ sense of direction. With limited vision in the fog, they relied heavily on sound to pick out their next set of targets. Murmurs from the crowd suggested a tightly packed group, setting one harpy into motion. 
Using sound to determine the closeness of potential obstacles, the harpy made a swift dive. Extended claws closed quickly around an unlucky human before pulling upward. 
There came a scream of panic, cut short by the slam of body crashing into a merchant cart. People scattered, unsure of why or how it had happened. More cries added to the first as a slew of Wings followed suit. While chirps and shrill whistles signaled their whereabouts to each other in order to avoid collision in midair, the sounds provided added to the distraction below. Panic-driven, people were clueless as to where to run. Suddenly, those standing next to one other were taken. Children found themselves parentless. Bodies seemed to fly from nowhere, while the constant sound of flapping quickly revealed the type of enemy they faced. 
“Harpies!” A guard shouted, drawing his weapon. “Everyone insi-aaah!” A taloned hand disarmed him in a moment. A slash across the throat silenced the rest of his  cry. 
Discarding the body, Rusha turned his attention to the sound of unsheathing swords. Vengeance lit his eyes with an eerie glow of added strength before plunging into the fray with battle cry. The harpy’s wings were quick to come in contact with the first guard, for at the moment of drawn weapon Rusha spun. The top half of wing brought down a force no human flesh could withstand. In an instant, the man’s arm was broken, weapon lost under the footfalls of his gathering men. Lightweight armor proved no match against the Wing’s ferocity, and quickly dispatched the small group while more were called in. 
“For the freedom of all ‘Ken!” Rusha announced before lifting himself to the sky, leaving clanging steal swiping thin air. He felt the wind of two of other Wings whip under him in flight. A shrill cry announced his descent, and he quickly closed the gap between himself and the scrambling humans. 
Merchant stands were overturned in the ruckus. Goods scattered over the ground. Several people tripped, their heavy thuds turning harpies their way. Women could be heard screaming in doorways, trying to find their children. 
A rip of awning overhead, followed by shattering beams, came crashing down over one of the store fonts. Having fallen through the rubble, a harpy screamed in agony while clutching one of the beams sticking out of of its wing. Not far away, a merchant breathed heavily in short-lived triumph. Brandishing a bow from his own stand, he had managed to bring the harpy down in a single shot. That however, caused a stirring of angered responses. In a single sweep, his body was whipped across the street by two harpies ripping into his flesh for their fallen comrade. 
For those who managed to escape the whipping wings and shredding claws, dashing down some of the alleyways proved far more dangerous. With the fog blinding in their retreat, often times they found themselves crashing over crates, tools or even into walls when reaching a dead end. In their distress, they could not see the creatures closing in from behind. 
Even those who made it indoors were no more secure than those trapped in the alleys. As the harpies continued their attack throughout the city, Healers advanced from the hillside. Fanning out around the city’s walls, Chronicles signaled his people to begin fueling the earth with energy. 
Sudden growth spurts triggered vines to crack open streets. Buildings rumbled until rooftops split and caved in. As roots from underground foliage began to climb from these ground openings, they broke through windows, nabbed up people, and took over structures until they were covered in greenery. Under the immense pressure, some of the second-story shops collapsed. Soon, people were forced not only to clear the streets, but the city itself. 
Outside the thick walls, fog loosely dusted the ground. The sky was lighter, and one could see their surroundings more clearly. The first wave of humans, however, were none to pleased to discover their second enemy waiting. 
A Red Wing landed on all fours to block their path, tossing bits of dirt up in the process of halting its course. Its talons glistened in the sparse sunlight directed through overhanding clouds. It was those same talons that the people watched in terror while it raised itself to full height. Dark, crimson wings spread in an elegant display of power and color – the color of blood!
People scattered in all different directions, only to be swept into the air and flung in the opposite direction. Red mixed with White Wings cooperated in blurs of color darting across the landscape. Their silhouetted forms overhead either drove people back inside the city walls, or sent them fleeing across the surrounding fields. If lucky enough to survive their flying ordeal, once thrown to the ground in a bone-breaking toss, they soon encountered the ground-manipulating Healer. One such could only stare up at the earth closing in around him, his broken body unable to respond…if only to scream.



Agile Writers

A Richmond based writing group run by Greg Smith. Looking for a critique group? Need help with plotting out your story. Check it out:


FREE PDF Download of Book One “Wisdom” available for everyone who reads this post! Also, please leave a review on Amazon if you think other readers might like it as well.

Download “Wisdom” here:


Art Ideas

If you’ve already read the novel, which character would you like to see next that I haven’t drawn or painted yet?


Thanks for Reading!

I hope you all enjoyed this, and wish you all well in your writing. Please take a moment to check out some of these authors as they carry on the next blog hop July 28, 2014. 


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