So I just recently discovered a nice app for the iPad called “A Novel Idea”. Basically, what this program offers is organization for either characters, scenes, or ideas that you can later include in your developing story. The one feature that I found most useful at the moment was the “Character” tab.

Like any other character description sheet, you simply jot down the answers to what you want your character to look like. If you have scenes already written out, you can link them together so you know which scene goes with your character, what novel he/she is featured in, and so on.

But the fact that you have this on your device while writing is just nice. It’s clean, organized, and you can add a “group” name. So even if your character list contains 100 names, the group will keep those characters associated with a certain story together.

So why am I sharing this?

Because I recently discovered a “small” typo in my last novel that would have been so easily taken care of it I’d had character descriptions written out (somewhere handy would be nice).

How’d I find it?

I’m getting ready to write a scene in my third book where a character (Valor) is about to discover why the ground keeps rumbling. Now, he’s not a villian, but nor is he a truly good person either. So the typical description of “villain” shows DARK HAIR. And I had written such in book two.

But then I discovered back towards the beginning of the novel I had suggested blond hair.

That’s a problem. You can’t have light colored hair that suddenly changes (unless they used hair products). Granted, no one will probably notice since the two scenes are far and wide. So here’s how I plan to fix that.

Dirty-blond. There ya go. He’s a dude with some dark curls through that blond mess, and if it’s not in the sunlight it looks dark. Perfect.

He’s never been discussed in the third book until the last part. So why not go with the flow, if he’s not a major character? I really don’t have to describe him at all, for that matter.

But “A Novel Idea” is still worth checking out, if at least to fix these sorts of things before they happen!


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