I am providing a FREE PDF version of the novel “Wisdom”, Book One in the Blue Moon Rising Trilogy, in exchange for reviews on Amazon. If you are downloading this copy, please ONLY do so because you intend to give an honest critique of the book. And it does not have to be very long. Even a few words is greatly appreciated.

PLEASE, only download if you plan on reviewing.
Thank you!

Please Click to Download
from the Wisdom Novels Website


Wisdom is the starting novel to a series focusing around a young magic-user who must discover the truth to his secretive upbringing, and unite the land against a growing Darkness caused by the first Black Unicorn. If you enjoy Fantasy with a hint of mystery, adventure, and magic, this might just be for you!

For more information regarding characters, story background and history, please feel free to the visit the website: 

All artwork provided is done by the author herself: Bonnie Watson


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