WN Website Features

A while ago, I revamped my old website to give it a fresh appeal.  While perhaps it could do with a few more features, it does have some promising material.

1) Snippets of info scatter throughout the site. There’s more of a clear vision as to WHY it was created, why the novels were written, and what the next book in the series will be – or genres after the series.

2) Separate book info site – this is a page that tells where a person could obtain a physical copy of the books, or where to find online. It gives details about ISN, pricing, and cover art.

3) Characters – whereas before only their pictures were displayed, now you get an estimated age, race, name, and what the character’s role is in the series.

4) Ever changing homepage – I could probably do more with this, but I like to see things change so that a person doesn’t keep seeing the same material over and over every time they visit.  As of right now, it currently displays the piece of artwork I recently completed.

5) Contact page – I know for the longest while the contact page didn’t match the rest of the site. I finally fixed it so that the header image and background color remained the same.


Overall, fun little site to build. Has potential to do a lot more, but it works for now.

Comments on: "WN Website Features" (2)

  1. Love the new look, Bonnie!

  2. wisdomnovels said:


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