I Like Complicated

I like a good book that makes you think, something that stirs the imagination as a plot builds and you don’t know what’s going to happen next and can’t put down the book! I like the kind of stories that twist and turn, have multiple characters that could go in either direction.

But then, it’s also nice to chill out with a no-brainer. A single plot with maybe 2-4 characters max, and a happy fairy-tale ending. Everyone needs one of those.

So let’s look at one, but as a movie. Let’s look at Disney’s Frozen. Yes, Frozen is a no-brainer. Even before the movie begins, you know what it’s about – a snow queen. Honestly, I think with all the hype driven around the story that by the time I finally watched it, I felt disappointed. I thought Finding Nemo had a better storyline. Finding Nemo was original and creative. I hadn’t seen one under the ocean (other than The Little Mermaid) with all the colors and tropical fish. And the music was amazing! Much better than Frozen. 

“Let it Go” was an amazing song, though! The only one I liked in the entire movie. The thought the rest of the music would drive me nuts. It was just song after song. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like musicals, but I outgrew this real fast.

Even Brave had a better storyline going. Why? Because it was more complicated and you had to think to watch the movie. Frozen moved so fast that there was nothing to think about. When Elsa leaves the kingdom, Anna goes after her.

To me, I felt this movie was rushed, especially in the beginning. How the movie should have ended? The trolls kill Elsa in the very beginning. Boom. Just like that. Now there’s no conflict anymore. Nothing bad happens to the kingdom. The only other antagonist was some old man who cold dance like a jack-in-the box. And Hans. Let’s no forget Hans, who didn’t want to save Anna because he thought he could just move into the castle and watch her turn to ice. But he wasn’t even really a threat. He was too passive. Guess if he’d introduced us to his twelve brothers, it would have made it more interesting ’cause all he did was talk about them.

I do give Disney props for their animation. They do a wonderful job with that. But you guys get a “Fail” on originality. It’s the classic snow queen take. Elsa was very beautiful once she converted to her icy ways. Just like a snow queen would.

But tell me why you’d like in a giant ice palance with nothing to eat, no potty, and no furniture! Where do you sleep????! And how can the kingdom continue to thrive if you’d shut the gates for three years or more because you’re afraid to show yourself to people? That would mean no trading or anything because no one could get inside to even sign documentation for the imports.

All in all, it was a nice little clean movie 🙂



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