New Family Member

Introducing my new therapist. I need something to cuddle!


I’ve never had a little girl before, but she was just so sweet and so cute looking. She’s only 6 months old, found her at the Colonial Heights PetSmart. All her shots are done, so that’s good. They’ve been taking her to a nursing home as a therapy cat for the seniors. So I guess my back will get better now because I’ll have an authentic therapy cat! I’m still not sure what to name her yet.

Image was taken from my phone, so once we pick her up I’ll have better pictures to post.

Welcome to the family, new Wisdom Novels kitty! Perhaps she’ll be one of the Foreseer cats from the novel. I believe Lord Gracie has a black and white one that rides his shoulders now and then.


Comments on: "New Family Member" (1)

  1. She is adorable, Bon! God bless you for adopting a cat from PetSmart. They are wonderfully supportive of area humane societies, aren’t they? I hope you and your new kitty will have a very long future together!

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