Novel Nearly Complete

I’m down to the final thirteen chapters. Then Healer, Book Three in Blue Moon Rising Trilogy, will be complete!

So what’s next?

I have plans for another trilogy to pick up where book three leave off. The next novel will be called No’va. That will take place in the past, when the four first humans discover the race of Lo-ans’rel for the first time. The human love scandals, jealousy over power, and all other events will lead up to the creation of the Dark Unicorn. Of course, we already know what happens after its creation. So the only thing left in book five and six is the coming Purification.

Summary of No’va:

Years of changing government ruling and taxation have exhausted the current settlements in a Astra’s south-earstern city known as Gayla.  Seeing no end to their current situation, a band of four individuals set out on a journey in search of another suitable location to call home, along with all those who would follow. While braving the bitterest winter they’ve ever encountered, they chance upon a portal that brings them into a world of lush green foliage and flowing rivers. This is the land of No’va, where energy called magic freely cycles through Nature, and is a welcome change.

After developing relationships with the local Healers, a shape-shifting race known as Lo-ans’rel, the four decide to bring in the rest of their people. Though the new world holds much promise, each discovers how this energy weaves into a part of their daily routine, and reveals an inner ability that may shatter their friendship and divide the land they’ve come to love. Unable to reverse the changes upon them, the four companions must face an uncertain future with the knowledge that magic isn’t always on their side.


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