Chapter Tease

Just finished the next scene in “Healer” On a roll now!

Did that just move again? Then he saw how his hands were on either side, pulling the structure toward the balcony. The wood itself was thick, a polished Redwood piece that towered over the boy’s head. Yet it moved so easily that Ashpin began to believe it was somehow tied to the prince’s magic.

He checked the balcony. What was he doing? No way, he thought. Even with it being as light as it was, servants crossed the lawn below and could easily sight someone climbing down the vines. This is crazy!

To his surprise, a side door opened to his left. He had seen it before, thinking it only as a storage room. For a moment it was just that, a space no bigger for a person to stand in.

Or a mirror? He wondered how the thing would even fit until the back wall moved, sliding open to reveal a hidden passage. There was no light to guide him, yet his feet stepped in place as though he had walked it a hundred times. He could feel the floor sloping down, still unable to see. When he started down some steps, Ashpin was relieved the mirror floated evenly down with him. What happens after I reach the woods? What if I can’t stop myself?

Why would you want to? A secondary thought answered.

Part of Ashpin wanted to give in. He needed this, to see the prince experience the same hurt. It was this part that allowed control, but the closer he came to delivering his prize, his steps became more faulty. Once or twice he scraped against the walls while his mind fought against – what? The one in the mirror? The mirror itself?

Darkness lifted. Perhaps it already had once he had left the building, for he could not feel that beckoning call from within. He blinked several times, then checked his surroundings. Dismissing cuts along his arms from brushing up against some thorns, he quickly released the mirror in disbelief.

At least he felt in control, a good sign. That once bitter hate toward the prince was soon replaced with worry. Where am I? His gaze darted around until he caught sight of the clan just through the trees. He started to push the mirror back when something tripped his foot.

“Look who’s breaking rules now,” a voice said from behind.

Ashpin attempted to turn, but received a slam of fist that knocked him from his feet. Eyes fluttered in spurts of consciousness. A hint of blond dotted his vision.



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