Chapter Teaser

Working on the next bit…. I sense something going to happen from this…

“You killed him,” Ashpin breathed.
“You didn’t!” Glory exclaimed. “Wisdom!”
“He killed himself,” Wisdom returned sharply. “I never even touched him.”
“But you let him die.”
Wisdom winced at the boy’s coldness. He had not expected this type of comeback.
“I…” he started, but Ashpin cut him off.
“You’re a Healer! Isn’t that what you said your purpose was? When my mother really needed a Healer, there wasn’t one to be found. But now that you’re here, you had a chance to heal the one person I needed to find, and you let him die!”
Wisdom lifted an arm to shield himself as Ashpin flung the necklace at him.
But the boy was too angry. Instead, he turned and ran.

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