Cover Comparison


I decided to re-edit the cover for “Prince” before submitting back to the publisher. If you knew your book could get into a bookstore, wouldn’t you want it to look its best? So a couple of things I did. I repainted the tree bark so it has more texture. Then I repainted the unicorn’s head and neck, extending it a bit more with muscle definition. Don’t know why I didn’t have that before. I’m very happy with it now.


Comments on: "Cover Comparison" (4)

  1. It’s beautiful, Bonnie. Best of luck with your newest release!

  2. Jim Collins said:

    Hi there, I love the new cover. It really gives the Dark Unicorn a more powerful look. I have the first two books that you signed for me at a book fair in Lumberton NC at Robeson Community College. The books are awesome and now I am waiting for book three. The wait is driving me crazy. I must have it signed as well and get a copy with the new cover. I believe the Blue Moon Rising Trilogy would make an great movie. Love your writing and can’t wait for the Red Moon Rising to be complete.

    • Thanks, Jim. I didn’t think I would touch the cover anymore since it was published once, but since I was trying to get it into the local bookstore I just thought some changes might make it look more professional (got to compete with other great looking covers!!)

      Book three is proving more challenging. I’ve reached the halfway point, then had to backtrack to book two to do the edits for that, then flipping back to book three, lol. I don’t want to disappoint anyone either with a sloppy ending. Not to mention the cover art and inside illustrations to think about. Did you see the pencil drawing of the ship? I’m thinking of having that inside the book so it takes up two pages.

      I’ll keep putting sneak peaks up too. Was working on it last night and this morning. It’s coming slow, but it’s coming!

    • I’ll bring you a copy to Lumberton. Just remind me as the day gets close.

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