When I Do Art….

When I do my art, I prefer either painting directly on the computer or traditional paper. When I paint on the screen, I like to use textures to make certain elements stand out. What I DO have a problem with is using all photographs to complete an image. To me, I feel like I’m cheating myself when I could be getting better at painting things versus just pasting an already done image.

So what’s the difference in manipulating photographs versus using it merely as references? I would think that if the artwork is totally original, the character, the landscape, etc., and it’s changed enough not to resemble where you found it, then using photographs are fine. I’ve seen some remarkably done works of art that way.

I should really try some more watercolor, even though I’m not the best painter, traditionally speaking. I’ve always been a drawer. Colored pencils are nice because they give so much control. I think because I tend to want that realistic touch, I end up muddying my colors too quickly on paper. In that respect, Photoshop comes in handy with rendering a reference so I can use that to help guide where the color is going. Especially for traditional painting, if you don’t know where to put color, it might end up a mess afterwards if you don’t have something already planned beforehand.

I do, however, love watching other people work on their art, no matter what medium they use!!!!

So rock on, artists!!!!


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