Chapter Teaser

From Book Three “Healer”
He had only taken a moment to absorb the clan’s serenity. Yet in that moment a talon moved on the adjacent trunk. The scrape of bark falling off and quick tap as it hit branches below was just enough to hint at something amiss. 
“Watch it!” Shy’s hawk cry came too late, for at that moment Wisdom felt something pounce upon his back. 
Talons clamped down on either side of him, keeping his wings from operating. It was a tactic he recognized with White Wings, but a Wing attacking a Healer? He tried throwing his assailant off while the branch beneath them groaned under the extra weight. 
There came a scream, to which Wisdom’s ears tingled at such a high pitch. Throwing himself back, he tried ramming the creature against the thick trunk. Feathers stuck to the bark when he pulled away. It sent him into a fit of coughing when he sucked in a few loose ones. A quick nip to his neck caused a yelp of pain. At the same time, Shy thwacked into the thing. He torn at its side, biting and clawing until its grip loosened. 
A crack. Then the entire branch plummeted with the two toppling over limbs several feet  below. Wisdom raked his claws down the tree trunk, ripping bark off in attempts to slow his fall.  He finally caught hold of a limb and lowered himself on the branch below. The release of his harpy form allowed healing to commence. Leaves on the branch withered away to close his wounds. With only a fraction of time used to transfer energy, Wisdom was able to concentrate on the flailing harpy. 
The ‘Keyarx had continued its descent a few branches down. Like the prince, it too had managed to catch itself. Pulling itself onto a branch, it let out an enraged shriek.
“Lsahr’ken!” Its voice took on various throaty chirps and whistles. A clawed foot dug into the rough texture of the tree in attempts to climb up to the prince.
Minds linked. It was brief glimpse, but enough to give the Healer a reason behind its behavior. He inhaled sharply when the vision was over. Not one, but two Black Wings had attacked from the Realm of Sapphire.
It went through the storm? 

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  1. I hope you’ll be selling this book at the next Book ‘Em North Carolina, Bonnie! I noticed on the Facebook page that you were selected as an Author of the Day – Congratulations!

  2. wisdomnovels said:

    On facebook? I need to check that out! And I’m not sure if the book will be ready yet. There’s still so much to write…

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