Chapter Teaser

From Part II of “Healer” 
Book Three of Blue Moon Rising Trilogy
Peter’s eyes narrowed. “Who are you?”
“Who I am matters little. Just bring me what I need, and my promise shall be kept.”
“I’d erase his very name from existence if I could!”
A quick cackle. “Then this should be easy, then. All you have to do… is bring me the prince’s mirror.” 
“A mirror?” Baffled, Peter repeated the request, in which the other shook his head with a crooked grin.
“As I said before. Easy. It’s a large oval-shaped mirror kept somewhere within the clan.”
Peter leaned up against a tree trunk. “That simple, huh? Might be some trouble dragging it out, or else you want it in pieces. Still, I don’t see how a mirror is going to help remove him.”
“Oh, but this is no ordinary mirror. It connects us with what we need, when we need, in order to do things with our talents. Unfortunately, he’s only here because of what he possesses. Get it? Remove the mirror. Remove the prince. Simple.”
“So why don’t you just get it yourself?” Peter asked, rolling his eyes. Turning his head, he spat near the base of the trunk. “If it’s really all that simple….” He paused when a few strange looking vines began entwining each other as it grew up the tree. Large, white blooms opened into five, pointed petals. As Peter backed away, keeping an eye on the vines, a puff of yellow pollen fell from the blossom’s core. 
A pair of hands on his shoulders made him jump, but he could not pull away.
A chuckle, then a whisper in his ear. “As you so politely pointed out, I am a magic-user, after all.” He released the boy, who remained still long enough to add, “I set one foot inside that building and he’d know. We’re… two of the same beings, you could say. He’s one half of me, and I’m the other. With you, he’s more than likely to look the other way. He can’t do that with me.”
Peter turned to watch the stranger back into surrounding shadow. He felt a little lightheaded. Were the plants moving around him?
“The name’s Jangus, if you need to find me,” came a whisper on the wind. “Just remember your reward should you decide to accept.”

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