Just completed the first part of book three, “Healer”.
Thank goodness!! Enjoy!


A sudden energy surge sent him reeling back. Eyelids snapped open to catch a glimpse of its source flowing from the mirror’s surface onto his own. He could feel his inner self being filled, more power than he had ever conjured as a magic-user. Even moments of anger empowering his magic from past events seemed unimportant. The swift course through him triggered an instinctive urge to contain it, but caught himself. Osha’s warning hung thick on the waves of energy washing over him, until he could no longer feel just himself, but the presence of a unicorn.

Would it feel this simple if the dark horn took hold of me? he questioned as his body moved on its own accord.

The use of power would be more appealing, the unicorn’s thoughts projected into his own. You could not access your own magic without coming in contact with his. Thus, the end would be the same.
Body and soul, Wisdom guessed. He would have it all!

As the room around him began to expand upward, he realized Osha was shifting. It amused him to see feathers appearing down his arms. While his legs shortened, his toes lengthened into talons. White down spilled over his breast, with speckled brown covering the back. A tail spread, long plumes turning to steady his new body.

In the form of an owl, he watched his wings flap in test, then carry him to the balcony wall where he perched overlooking the yard. The night was alive with its own songs of nearby tree frogs and crickets. But from his clan members, all was still.

The whip of air flowing over his feathery cheeks confirmed his body in flight once again. Though Osha controlled his body, she was careful to show the Healer where they were headed – the borders of Trully, toward the storm.
And it had grown.

Brace yourself, was his only warning before a fluxing rise of energy coursed through his body. Osha placed him at the edge of Trully where the pounding of thunder greeted them. Returning to his true form, Wisdom stood facing Sapphire. A thick mist traced his steps, and he was sure he saw two skeletal hands carve a warning sign in the air.

A warning from Jenario, no doubt. Osha, however, ignored it. She paused between the two realms and released her power into the earth.

Wisdom caught his breath, the pull of energy caressing his soul, tempting. It flushed through his system, a great need to touch such raw power drawing him on the brink of destruction. Then it was gone, dividing the two realms with a ring of power even Wisdom could sense.

Freed of its burden, Wisdom crumpled to his knees, sucking in deep breaths. He lifted his hands to his face, felt his chest, then looked around. He was conscious again, with his body his own. Am I? He tested his movements, making sure he was in complete control. Slowly, he stood as the surrounding mist seemed to condense in one location. It swirled to form an image of a unicorn, but could not be sure whose influence spread throughout the area until it parted, allowing a glimpse of night sky.

And the rising of a Blue Moon stared down, with the wind whispering in his ear.

It has begun….


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