Chapter Teaser

From “Healer”
Book Three of Blue Moon Rising

Unlike before, Wisdom did not rely on Nature to guide him. Instead, he sought out active energy leftover from passing individuals. A soft pulse of green strands frantically strewn about in a given space was enough to follow with confidence to the castle’s second and third floors.  The more active the energy, the more they dotted his vision. When it began swarming around one of the bedrooms doors, Wisdom knew someone was inside.

But who? He checked his own mental strength before plunging into the occupant’s mind – and was suddenly thrown out!

Wisdom could not physically smell liquor, but his mind generated enough of the feeling to the point that he realized the one he had just entered was fully intoxicated.
Nathaniel… His probe caught a glimpse of various bottles lying on tabletops. To his disgust, the assassin was still awake. As the mind-numbing world of a drinker acknowledged his presence, it threw up a barrie. Wisdom could feel the affects of his drinking habits seeping into his own thoughts, and he was glad he had not lingered. He staggered back outside the room, his probe’s sense of direction slightly skewed.

The bedroom door remained closed.

He may be drunk, but Jenario might be watching him. I need to hurry! His own thoughts echoed within the chambers of consciousness. A numbing throb muddled the prince’s vision. A part of him wanted out of dream-channeling as he pressed further down the long hallway.

You shouldn’t be here! A voice hit his probe so quick that it jerked him to a halt.

Dream-channeling had its drawbacks, and Wisdom realized that a magic-user might be able to reverse dreams upon himself. He listened for the voice, feeling himself begin to quiver in silent fear of being detected.

Get out!

A forceful thought shoved the Healer’s probe completely from the castle’s interior. Back outside, his failure was met with a thundering laugh. All around, the storm seemed to mock him.

With energy spent, Wisdom withdrew.

He fell out on his bed with, What the bloody hell! continuously questioning the encounter. Did someone just use dream-channeling on me?


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