Guest Speaker

There’s a lot of good things I can get from here on out. And lots of things going on in the meantime. For starters, I’ve been invited to a local high school to be their guest speaker. They’d like someone to talk about their publishing and art experience.

So I’ve been working on a powerpoint presenation to share with the students. One of the things I wanted was an art demo toward the end of the session. I’ve also painted a new image of my main character as part of my notes.


Bought myself a mini Bonsai garden. It’s cute! So far I’ve managed to keep the thing alive, lol. No idea what other plants are planted alongside it. And I’m not even sure what type of tree I’ve bought. Or even if it’s a Bonsai at all! But it was in the Bonsai section.

Close enough.

Hopefully, will have updates on the novel to come soon. I’ve been steadily working on Chapter 9, last chapter of part one.


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