The Phine Family

The happy-go-lucky Joseph (often called Josephine for some odd reason, can’t imagine why) and his… loving… uh… grandfather…… yeah….

These two add a bit of comic relief in the second book, “Prince”. I haven’t written about them yet in the third. But I have a feeling they’ll come into play soon. I plan to put some sort of shipyard behind them. The two work right on the docks building ships, with Josephine’s dream to sail one day like his grandfather.

I was also thinking about re-drawing the beginning of my comic book in this particular style. Yes, it would take a lot of work. But I’m really digging this right now. You can check out my graphic novel link over on the side of the page. I stopped after page six, and it was all color instead of black and white. There’s something about a desaturated image that just adds more depth. What do you think?


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