Live Trailer Idea

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a live action trailer for your book idea? I was watching Devin Grahm on youtube, a brilliant videographer. His videos are amazing because he uses a lot of motion and slow film effects to bring out the artistic moves in a person. And from watching those I had this vision of a character for my future novel.

Picture a forest stream, calm and tranquil. All of a sudden, the water explodes upward in a radiant splash to form a figure. There would be the beauty of close up shots with slow motion water dripping from the eyelids, and shots to show off the handsome muscles of the character’s form and katana swords. Then the water receeds and the character is left sheathing his weapons and standing next to the stream. He’d be slightly off center so the character’s name and website could show in the extra space. It would probably be less than 30 seconds, but enought to show the element the character represented.

Here’s another video Devin Grahm has done with Lindsey Stirling called “Elements



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