Wednesday Writings

Best-selling author p.m.terrell is hosting a series of questions to several authors regarding their latest works in progress. I will be disgussing some of those shortly, but first a few things about this person.

 p.m.terrell is a strong supporter of The Virginia Crime Stoppers Association and its affiliated Crime Solvers, Crime Stoppers, and Crime Lines.

She was with then-Virginia Governor Mark Warner when he signed into legislation additional protection for citizens calling Crime Solvers and Crime Stoppers with tips. It ensures that citizens will remain anonymous and can not be called to testify in court.
In August 2004, p.m.terrell co-founded The Book ‘Em Foundation, a not for profit organization, with Officer Mark Kearney of the Waynesboro Police Department. The organization’s mission is to increase public awareness of the connection between high illiteracy rates and high crime rates, increase literacy rates, and decrease crime rates. The First Annual Book ‘Em Event was held on October 23, 2004 in Waynesboro, Virginia and attracted 52 authors. The second event, held on October 22 and 23, 2005, attracted 75 authors from all over the world. Lumberton, North Carolina was selected in 2011 as the annual site for Book ‘Em North Carolina.

 For more information on this author, please visit:

And I also plan to attend Lumberton’s Book ‘Em as well!

Now for questions!

1) So, what is your latest works in progress titled?

Well, my latest book will be Healer. It centers around the concept that several races have been divided over time, something the main character is trying to undo in order to unite against a common foe.

2) Since this is book number 3, what is the series about?

The series follows a young magic-user as he strives to uncover a secret upbringing, unite the people of land against a growing Darkness caused by the land’s first Black Unicorn.

3) Where did this idea come from?

I originally had two story ideas.  Instead of one antagonist, I had two. But as the story developed, so did the idea of merging the two into one. So basically, you still have two villains. One is deceived into creating the second, and is it THAT one that becomes your true antagonist througout the series.

4) What genre is your book?

Medieval Fantasy, written for the YA audience

5) How long has it taken you to write up to your current stopping point?

Consistantly, it would be less than six months. I don’t plan for the third book to be finalized until close to 2014. I’d rather it be a good read than just some thrown together mess!

6) Who or what inspired you to start writing the series?

I was inspired by multiple authors. Dragonlance, by Hickman and Weis, were the best of the ones I’d ever read. It was my first series of books that I could not put down. The other is The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher. Very witty writing there. Also, with a love to do artwork, I was soon writing what I painted (and vise versa).

I will have some snippets from the latest chapter available soon.

Other Writers I know

There are a couple of other writers who I know are working on books at the moment. Please be sure to check out their pages as well!

Grace Robinson

Mark Covington


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