Could Have Been Better

So yesterday, Saturday 10/17, I had a book signing at the Westbury Pharmacy across from Regincy Mall. Apparently, my publisher’s attempts at putting the signing in the newspapers never showed up. Okay, strange. I got a call after the signing asking how it went. Well, it could have been better. But where I was located there was a cafe and HUGE pharmacy at the back of the store. So people were constantly coming and going. And because I sold some of my books, they agreed to put some in the store for me. Awesome!

What I don’t get is that I set it up before I was accepted by any publisher, but my publisher says they’re “hosting” it. Really? So if you’re saying that, wouldn’t it make sense that the publisher be present at the event? Help drone in some business? It doesn’t look good if my mom has to be the barker.

So for future reference, I think it wise if I just do my own advertising. You know that old saying, “If you want something done, do it yourself.”

Not that I’m picking on my publisher. Something just went…amiss.

Okay, now on a good note. I had also brought a copy of the art book recently published. It’s a companion to the novel with various character images and info that’s helpful for future novels in the Wisdom Novels series. I cant’ tell you how many people wanted to buy that one copy! But as it was my proof copy, I was very glad to offer the web address to purchase. So…very awesome day! Plus, the store is now carrying my book and I hope they don’t last on the shelf!!!


Comments on: "Could Have Been Better" (4)

  1. Glad you took a dicey situation and turned it to your advantage, Bonnie! Who knows how many will see your book in the store now and buy it, even if you’re not even present?

  2. I did all the publicity for my own events, wrote the press releases and sent them out to the media, did the interviews, printed up flyers and bookmarks and business cards. Publishers don’t bother doing all that unless you’re a really big name they can bank on but they still like to take credit just in case it goes well. It’s incredible, really.

    I’m glad you sold some books and got some stocked in the store. Well done on your efforts even if certain things went awry! There are people out there now with a copy of your book they’ll read and tell their friends about.


    • Thank you. Originally, I self-published so I was used to getting the word out. I mostly do word-of-mouth and through other book events. I know the owner of the publishing company. Good friend, actually. It was just weird nothing came out about the event. I looked up your blog as well and saved it so I can go back and read it.

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