Too Slow….

Writing has been kind of slow of late. The introduction to the ipad was a nice little way to get some words out. But after an episode of changing something online, then on the ipad, and then clashing the two and having to reinstall… ugh!

Six parts later to create a chapter, I’ve now switched over to the laptop to get the formatting in place. Wondering if the chapter is a little long. Does it sound soap-opera-ish? lol. They say a chapter should be as long as it needs to be, and I’m fairly certain it’s saying what it needs without turning away an audience. Such as the thing with trilogies. If you’ve already read the first two, why waste so much time explaining what you already know? *sigh*

Listening to the ending song in “Pitch Perfect”. Love the music in that movie! Thinking of the next tune to create for the series. La la la la!


Comments on: "Too Slow…." (2)

  1. How are you enjoying the iPad now that you have the glitches worked out, Bonnie? I know so many people who swear by them! I want one simply for reading eBooks. How nice it would be not to have all my bookshelves overflowing.

    • Trish, I think the ipad has been very useful, since my laptop doesn’t hold charge for long trips. And it’ll probably last this hurrican weather pretty good unless I use the battery making music or other battery-sapping programs. So yeah it’s cool to use. I really haven’t found much bugs with it unless it’s conflicting with online stuff I’ve changed before syncing.

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